PEASANTS with TORCHES is a Multimedia Art Presentation inspired by collaborative expression in Northern Minnesota.

2016 marks our third annual cultural gathering and collaboration between: writers, musicians, actors and visual artists who come together with a receptive public to experience the thoughts, talents and messages of an artistic community.  

Peasants with Torches will take place at  the TimberLake banquet room in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Included in the ticket price is a light food offering. Details to follow.

Arts & culture, entertainment and now food!

Artwork and performers CD’s will be available. Support your local artists and creative class.

The date is Oct. 27th. Doors open at 6:00 for gallery viewing and social hour with the visual artists. Artwork and music CDs will be for sale. 
Music follows at 7:00 p.m. The evening will close out around 9:30 pm

6-7 PM Gallery viewing and social hour

Tom Page, paintings

Jake Komula Street/Graffitti 

Gallery viewing music by Pat Zabinski

7-9:30 PM music by the best of our northland home grown musical talent
15 musicians comprising 6 music acts will play covers and original music. 

This “perfect storm” of talent includes:

     Brett Reid and Greg Kazcor

© Thomas Page 2014