The Peasants are coming for you this October!

It may not feel like October yet but we know it’s to far off, right? The peasants are just heating up their acts for the cultural event of the year, Peasants with Torches. 

The Peasants will convene on Oct 29th at the Timberlake Lodge. We are extending the hour to 6-10Pm, adding more talent than Ed Sullivan with hours of non stop music, three visual artists, actors and some surprises. 

This year we are very pleased to have Grand Rapids State Bank sponsoring the event. GRSB has a long tradition of sponsoring the creative class in the Grand Rapids area. Thank you GRSB.

 If you enjoy the company of friends, the talents of local artistry and a general good time this should be on your calendar. To tease out what you can expect in the visual arts we are posting this Painting of Joseph downing. This year we have three visual artists; Tom Page, John Risberg and Aaron Squadroni. 

Tickets on sale now at The MacRostie Art Center and Frame Up in Grand Rapids. 

Get the best table and seating by purchasing now.  Maybe you would like to consider a” Friends of the Arts table”, details on the tickets and details page.

If you have specific questions or would like to be put on our e-mail list go to the contact page and give us a shout.

© Thomas Page 2014